12.10.2008 - Individual teaching ceramics-art: mobile courses


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Two experienced teachers (artist-potter and artist-psychologist).
Author’s method of teaching.
15 years of experience in teaching adults the art of ceramics.
Instructions in English.

Training pottery-wheel for 20-30 hours.
Training other technologies (decoration, painting, modeling, sculpture) for 20-30 hours.
And you have a hobby and professional practical skills of ceramics-making.

You never did it before?
You did not make work of art?
After our teaching you will be able to create ceramics-works yourself.
That we can guarantee you!

We can come and teach you in your country, at your home!
We shall help to equip your own pottery-studio.

Here you can see our works:  www.at-art.ru/gallery/

 Here you can see our learners-works:  www.at-art.ru/training/gallery/galler-uchenikov/  


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