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01.12.2001 - The Charm of Images
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PERSON OBSERVES A POTTER working at the pottery wheel for the first time? Anyone who has been near at that moment certainly remembers the enchanting feeling before your eyes - the work of human hands is born from chaos and non-existence and rises higher and higher and finds its form and contours. Can anybody remain indifferent while watching as the new life frees itself in the wet clay-covered palms forming a body, a neck, a shoulder? Just the motion, nearly invisible but practised for years, imparts to the vessel another outline, induces the clay to go down or up; to become rounded or columnar or retreat to the centre. I always want to preserve at least a part of this feeling. Look, my friend at this round pot, that elegant amphora. If one looks closely, one can read the past, and its charms.

Archive: 2001;
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