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Alexander and Tatiana Buzlanovs trained at the Moscow Artistic Industrial University. Alexander has been engaged in ceramic production for more than 25 years. Tatiana also graduated at the Jaroslavl State University (psychological faculty). For several years she was engaged in practice of psychotherapy and consulting in development of children by means of art and creation. They have been working together from 1995 both in ceramics and pastel-painting and created his own style and authors methods. They held many exhibitions in Moscow. There are their art-works in the State Ceramics Museum Kuskovo and in the private collections in Russia, USA, Israel, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Germany. Alexander and Tatiana have his own school of ceramic-art and pottery.

Each of our works is an endeavour to harmonically join different essences because beauty can be comprehended more easily in unity. Our works are combined thrown and handbuilt shapes.

We endeavour not to go far from nature that gives people the possibility of uniting natural elements into ceramics. That means we want to retain nature's soul in our handmade earthenware, or at least its echo. We consider those works to be our successes. In our opinion, in order to be worthy of existence, a work should bring a sense of light and peace to the soul. Of course, this process happens on the level of unconsciousness, but art must have such an influence, to pass through images and impressions and promote a wise outlook on life.

The images and subjects that we create and use in our ceramics can be called traditional. We think talent is partly an ability to present eternal truth and spiritual values so that spectators feel them as something new and familiar at the same time. It is an ability to impel people to strong feelings and emotions, to enthusiasm and inspiration in ordinary life. This is not simple to do, so it takes us time to find and test new combinations of forms, materials and means of expression.

Red porceline

Faun (fragment)
Wild geeses



Vessels for wine

Autumn vineyard
Banquet of trolls


Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale
Sorrow heron

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